e shtunë, 8 shtator 2007

Feeling the crunch as well!

I have begun and the image is very clear, but time may not be available I will have to see. I am going to finish this Iris and it may only be one in a series from blocks I am working with right now! Doing a few pentagon kaleidoscopes, my recent obsession and a couple fusible web grid blocks based on traditional iris' blocks, to achieve the great size I want. There will also be a bit of fused raw edge applique of iris images from another piece of fabric in my 'iris' collection!

I need to make a few hangings and get on with it. I have been collecting these fabrics for several years. Thinking traditional bed sized contemporary quilts when I bought the yardage! Way more coordinating fabric than was needed but now will have a much appreciated place in my general stash! Does anyone else save 'collections' of fabrics until they make 'something' with them? I like to.

Good luck to everyone! I will keep moving forward! My life may not allow enough time to complete but it will get finished! :)

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