e hënë, 25 qershor 2007

Flower Power Challenge Guidelines

This is a QuiltArt List challenge. If you are not currently a member of the QuiltArt List, go to www.QuiltArt.com and sign up. Then go to the website:


Do the questionnaire to discover what kind of flower you are.

Thus inspired, make a quilt anywhere from 18" minimum to 48" maximum, with any of the sizes between these two in any direction, i.e. 20" x 46", etc. Your piece can be square, round, triangular, etc. It is up to you. You can even make a handbag or other wearable (and those don't have to fit in the 18" to 48" category because they aren't quilts), or you can even make an art doll if you choose, or perhaps an altered book or other art form.

Deadline will be Sept. 15, and then you are going to send your jpgs to Judy Smith at judy@quilt.net and also to me and Judy will get them up on the site. After we see if we have enough quilts, I might even get us some fun nontraditional venues like the big botanical garden right up the street from me. We'll see.

Ladies and gents, start those quilts, art books, art dolls, wearables, or ok, if you want to paint your motorcycles, go for it!!! We can't be too crazy here! Just have fun and do it. Any questions, Annie Copeland is the challenge mistress, and you can contact me at anneappraiser@yahoo.com.

2 komente:

Anonim tha...

I'm a petunia, I haven't seen anyone else mention that one. I'd rather be something exotic. Do we have to send someone our name to be part of this challenge? Or will this suffice?


Tim tha...

good Job! :)