e shtunë, 8 shtator 2007


I had every intention of completing this challenge---but where did the time go?
How many people are finished? Is there any way the deadline can be extended? Would it be possible to set up a regular yahoo email group?
If the date is still the 15th, I have to jump ship. School started this past Tuesday and I have a frighteningly hormonal teenaged daughter to deal with.
Lauren Fureymoore aka Love in a Mist

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Dale Anne tha...

Annie posted this on the QA group:
am trying to let all the Flower
Power Challenge folks know I have extended the
deadline to Sept. 30 as I will be out of town
from the 14th - 17th Sept. when the quilts were
originally due. It will not be extended again
though, so if you are going to finish your quilt,
you need to get it done by then and send me the
jpg of the overall view and the closeup.

So far we have just 16 quilts and one is not
completed that I have photos of, so not sure we
will have enough for a live exhibit right now.

Hope everyone is having a good and safe Labor Day
holiday. Peace, hugs and many blessings, Annie

PeggySue tha...

I am glad I read this! I have a ways to go and will greatly appreciate the extention to work with! Making steady progress! Hope all are having a great day!!