e enjte, 30 gusht 2007

Snapdragon challenge quilt

Ok I finished and posted a copy to the yahoo group but I think some people cannot access it so I am posting copies of it here as well. I think my overall pic is too dark (but my monitor is about 25 years old!!) My sister said she thought so until she clicked on it and then she said it looked fine. I have also added three closeup shots for the various parts near the top. So here goes . . .

e shtunë, 11 gusht 2007

ok, now wait a minute edited

I have now taken the test three times. 1st I was a daisy. Then I was a morning glory. And then the last time around and echinachia.

I am pretty sure that the answers were exactly the same the 2nd two times.

So now, I am going to guess I shall have to just come up with something like

I am my garden.

There are many interesting things in my garden. That is for sure.