e enjte, 27 shtator 2007

Claudia's Iris Finally

I had to put this on hold for a while, but I got it wrapped up this week and took some photos. I am not happy with the pictures but since I am leaving on a jet plane in a few hours, I think they will have to do.

I enjoyed the challenge. Thanks Anne!.

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Be a Goddess music tha...

hello fellow folkie !!
I am totally in awe of the quiltwork on your blog... incredible.
I have subscribed so I can drool at leisure :)

Please stop by my blog, it is for my folk/ acoustic record label but has lots of folk related features and downloads on it including judy dyble, swarb and fairport stuff, seth lakeman etc

lovely to virtually meet you !!

sam xx

brooxi tha...

Oh how beautiful!!!!!!!

Bunny tha...

Just to let you know you have been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger. Follow the link to find out more