e mërkurë, 25 korrik 2007

I am a Hydrangea!

Hi, I am Adri de Vries Tadema the Netherlands.

I came out of the quiz as a ....... Hydrangea!!!!
"You are just a little bit of a show off and like to prove just what you can do. Every time someone double-dog-dared you, you proved that not only could you do it, but you could do it with style."

And I was not that surprised... Hydrangea's have been leading in my art since I started embroidering.
I won an award with my freestanding vase with hydrangea's....The European Bernina embroiderer of the year 2006

I am just about to finish a quilt for another challenge... With a hydrangea...

Today it was the day I have started my piece for this challenge.
I have started painting,trying to depict a lilac hydrangea in my garden.
Don't know yet what will be the next step...
This is really fun!!!


my vase with hydrangea's all embroidered...

e martë, 24 korrik 2007

Some Echinacea Inspiration

I'm not sure if I am the only Echinacea in the challenge or not, but here are some photos of mine that are in bloom now in an assortment of colors.

I have had seedlings coming up in all shades of deep to pale lavender and pink. I started out with the purple and white ones. The named varieties I planted when we had our greenhouse, and offered them for sale. I lost my yellow and original orange ones, but am really enjoying the varieties I have. (I don't usually allow many orange flowers in my gardens)

In order of appearance: "Harvest Moon"- Pale apricot; "Sundown"- Orange tinged purple; "Sparkler"- Purple flower, variegated leaves; Next 3 Photos- Echinacea purpurea seedlings; "Hope"- Large centered pale lavender- developed to raise $ for breast cancer research; Last but not least- a pale lavender pink seedling. Not open yet- "Double Decker"- extra layer of petals from the center of the flower. My white has had only one flower that the bugs got before I could photograph.

My quilt will probably have many of these photos in it, or some part of them- Ideas are still swimming around.

e premte, 20 korrik 2007

How many different flowers so far?

Well I was inspired to answer this question this morning! So ... here is a list (Note, it may not be 100% spot on but, I think , I counted all the posts!):
Daffodil (2)
Iris (that's me!) (2)
Nigella (2)
Snapdragon (5)
Sunflower (2)
Tigerlily (Lily)
Violet (2)

A nice variety for a pleasant garden! It will be fun to see all the individuality we will express! I have enjoyed the flower quilts posted from a previous flower challenge! I am amazed by the 'wondrous variety" of our creative expressions!
Still brainstorming on the iris in my future! Obviously I didn't post a pic yet, I get wrapped up in life and some things have to give up their place in line!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer gardens! (unless your Aussie and I hope you are warm!)

Olympia, Washington

e enjte, 12 korrik 2007


I've been moving around my sewing "studio" space today from the dining room/kitchen area to my bedroom. I get too distracted in the main living area in the house (DH, four kids, three cats, two dogs). While moving stuff I had to stop and look at some of my art books. Mucha is a favorite of mine. When I first tested as a Nigella and I saw what they look like, I was reminded of Elizabethan collars. So after seeing the Mucha book, I'm going to do a queen with Nigella petals around her neck and a pod as a sceptor in a Mucha style.
Now if I could only be as inspired for the Symbols of Your Culture challenge.

e hënë, 9 korrik 2007

Hiya from Joy

My name is Joy and I'm a Sunflower, too.
'm nuts to take on one more challenge right now!
I have some cool ideas on how to proceed, so we'll see what happens.

Has anyone counted how many different flowers we have so far??

e diel, 8 korrik 2007

Wow - I figured out how to post!

My name is Diane R and I took the quiz and found out what I already knew - I am a SUNFLOWER. To me, sunflowers perpetually make you happy. You can't help but smile when you see a field of those sun kissed beautiesl I just dyed some fabric, attempting to come close to "Mother Nature's" perfect blend of yellows. Sunflowers are nature's true sun worshipers. Have you ever noticed, a whole field of sunflowers will always be facing the sun, As the day does on and the sun changes position, they move their faces right along. I can't wait to get started.

P.S. Thank you for all the instructions on how to post to this blog. Someone worked really hard putting it all this together, and their work it appreciated.
Annie - Hope you are feeling better

e premte, 6 korrik 2007

Flower Power

Hi to all the flower children

Am I telling my age here or what?? I am a daisy and I think I will do Gerbera Daisys for my chllenge because I love color. his is my first challenge on the list and I'm really looking forward to it.

Judy Momenzadeh
Homestead, Fl. <><

e enjte, 5 korrik 2007

I'm an iris, but...

Hi, the test said I was an iris, but I have a more fanciful flower in mind for my quilt. This is fun!
Cindy in Irvine

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

I guess we will have a lot of Snapdragon art out there. I'm excited to see what we will all come up with.

“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?"” ~Winnie the Pooh~

Snapdragon and violet

I had the same thing as Penny. Did the test on different days and ended up being these 2 flowers. I feel more like a violet so that is the flower I have choosen to be my inspiration for the quilt. Fabric for the background has been dyed so I am ready to start working on it.

e martë, 3 korrik 2007

I think this will work!

I am hoping to have a photo here soon. I have a double petal hibiscus that I am going to do for this..but have to find the photo. hugs, Lorraine

any old flower

Well I don't really MEAN "old flower", but I haven't yet decided what floer to do, the flower quiz notwithstanding! I like poppies and peonies because , like me, they are blatantly in your face and kind of loud. On the other hand, as a symbol, I like bleeding hearts and daffodils. Hmmm, in ther meanwhile I CAN post a pic of another flower quilt from days gone by.... It's called MICROGARDEN...about how kids see all the smaller things in the back yard.


I took the flower survey but was working on Gelatin plates of Clematis at the time. When I looked up language of Clematis I found "artful" so that was that, so here's my start. Just getting into monotype prints...way too much fun!

e hënë, 2 korrik 2007

Snapdragon by day, Violet by night

I took the quiz at two different times, in two very different moods. Maybe I'm a violet by day and a snapdragon by night? I'm going to have to ponder that one. What's odd is that the only thing I've ever encountered that makes me wheeze is a snapdragon. Just goes to show what I've known all along - sometimes I can be my own worst enemy. I just hope I can create something by September 15!
And yet another Snapdragon. I didn't realize that decorating that wedding cake years ago with those SD's would invite me to be a member of the family, but summer time is flower time and inspiration
for this challenge,

Barb Groves

Snapdragon here too

Thank you Maggie, I'm in!!!! LOL

I tested to be a snapdragon as well. Immediately the imagery started flowing around verbally snapping and breathing fire............I must have been in a strange mood?! Not sure I'm going to run with that imagery, but I'm playing around with it.

Glad to be here

Judy W