e enjte, 12 korrik 2007


I've been moving around my sewing "studio" space today from the dining room/kitchen area to my bedroom. I get too distracted in the main living area in the house (DH, four kids, three cats, two dogs). While moving stuff I had to stop and look at some of my art books. Mucha is a favorite of mine. When I first tested as a Nigella and I saw what they look like, I was reminded of Elizabethan collars. So after seeing the Mucha book, I'm going to do a queen with Nigella petals around her neck and a pod as a sceptor in a Mucha style.
Now if I could only be as inspired for the Symbols of Your Culture challenge.

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Joy Ely tha...

Okay, Lauren, I'm stumped.
What's a Mucha??

laurenfureymoore tha...

Alphonso Mucha was the artist who pretty much inspired the art nouveau period in style. Here's a link to his stuff:
I absolutely love his stuff!