e premte, 20 korrik 2007

How many different flowers so far?

Well I was inspired to answer this question this morning! So ... here is a list (Note, it may not be 100% spot on but, I think , I counted all the posts!):
Daffodil (2)
Iris (that's me!) (2)
Nigella (2)
Snapdragon (5)
Sunflower (2)
Tigerlily (Lily)
Violet (2)

A nice variety for a pleasant garden! It will be fun to see all the individuality we will express! I have enjoyed the flower quilts posted from a previous flower challenge! I am amazed by the 'wondrous variety" of our creative expressions!
Still brainstorming on the iris in my future! Obviously I didn't post a pic yet, I get wrapped up in life and some things have to give up their place in line!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer gardens! (unless your Aussie and I hope you are warm!)

Olympia, Washington

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