e hënë, 25 qershor 2007

Welcome to the New FLOWER POWER challenge blog

This blog will be used to upload pics of flower power challenge made in response to the what flower am i link! If you would like to join please contact Anne Copeland on the Quiltart list.

Thanks....Maggie in sc who looks to be the webmistress of the moment:> Did I say I was a daffodil:> This is my daffodil quilt....my challenge is done:> for once!

2 komente:

Cathy ~o tha...

ok, except for the quilting mine is done, how can I share a picture?

Edzellinni tha...

Hey, i think I can finally make this blogging thing work! I have been haveing trouble manipulating it. I made a blog page (very small)> EdzellinniDesigns.blogspot.com. Oh, I am an IRIS according to the test. Can't wait to make my iris quilt!