e martë, 26 qershor 2007

Hello all you floral people. I did the quiz and didn't like the flower I was, so then I lied abit and other flowers came up...but still not one I feel I am. I think I'm a poppy so that's what I will do! HaHa! Bratty to the end,
Pamela. I haven't started or anything so here's a pic of my IN FULL BLOOM quilt. It's called "Black Eyed Susans and Fruit"

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laurenfureymoore tha...

I am a flower that I had never heard of called Nigella. It's also called "Love in a Mist" or "Devil in the Bush". I really SHOULD do a poppy since I adore them and my official studio name is Painted Poppy Studio.
Hmmm---gosh, Pamela, I didn't think of cheating! LOL